Least Shocking News Ever: Most Moms Hide Snacks From Their Kids

Honest question: is there a mom who doesn’t do this? Because I do not personally know any. A new survey says that the majority of moms hide snacks from their kids and partners. We give our blood, sweat, and tears to our families. We’re not giving them the good snacks too, sorry.

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The completely unnecessary but validating survey says that as many as 66% of moms hide snacks from their families. I feel like that number might even be a little bit low? Some people weren’t being entirely honest here.

The survey was conducted by freeze-dried fruit manufacturer Crispy Green. Which is hilarious, because I don’t hide freeze-dried fruit, I use it as a distraction from the really good shit hiding behind the bag. Anyway, the company polled 2,000 women ages 21 – 45 about their snacking habits. The results are not surprising, but it’s nice to know we’re not alone!

In addition to hiding the good snacks, the survey found that 73% of moms admit to having a quick snack in secret. Which, duh. If you eat in front of a kid or toddler, do you realize how much of the food you actually get? 0%. You get none. The five words guaranteed to send a shiver down any moms spine: “Mom, what are you eating?” Followed closely by: “Oh, can I have a bite?”

Also, what do people think we’re doing when we say we’re “going to the bathroom” or “folding laundry”? We are scrolling social media and eating the chocolate we told you we weren’t going to buy but hid under the broccoli when you weren’t looking.

One in four women admitted to having a snack hiding place in their home. Mine is behind the spices in my pantry. I line all of the most spicy stuff upfront, and tell my kids that the bottles have trace amounts of spice that will burn their eyes if they get it on their hands. And then I hide my chips and cookies behind it. It’s pretty foolproof, to be honest.

Hide your snacks, mom. Get away from your family for “a bath,” lock the door, and eat that candy bar you forbade your kids from having. I promise you, nothing tastes better than eating food you’ve hidden from your family. Mama doesn’t share food!

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