Moms Go ‘Office Space’ on Breast Pump in Fantastic Photo Series

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(Mia Gorrell Photography)

Breast pumps are wonderful, useful things that we are lucky to have access to, but they also suck, both literally and figuratively. You’re stuck to a machine for hours, and it just keeps yanking your nipples and making that infuriating little puff-puff Darth Vader noise every time it pulls, and no amount of playing on your phone can erase the suspicion that this is what a dairy cow feels like.  The frustration can be extreme, and that’s why brilliant photographer Mia Gorrell went full Office Space on her pump after her twins were finally weaned after 15 months of exclusive pumping and she knew she’d never have to use the thing again.

“I was inspired to do this photo shoot because of my pure hatred for my pump,” Gorrell wrote in a blog post about her shoot. “While it served its purpose well, I was tempted to chuck it out the window the second I no longer needed it.”

Gorrell was inspired by the famous scene from Office Space where the three heroes get revenge on their office’s crummy printer by taking it out to a field and smashing it to pieces with baseball bats while the Ghetto Boys’ “Die Mother Fuckers” plays in the background.

If you haven’t seen it, or just want to remember its awesomeness for a few minutes, here is the scene in all its uncensored glory:


When Gorrell’s breastfeeding journey was over, she decided to give her trusty breast pump the sendoff that bastard deserved, so she told the Huffington Post that she recruited five other mothers from a support group for parents of multiples that she belongs to, and they all came out with a car full of bats, shovels, hammers, and a golf club, to release some pent-up aggression and smash the shit out of that thing.

Check out the whole “Mom Space” photoshoot on Gorrell’s blog. The results are hilarious, and pretty cathartic.

Also, lest any critics complain that destroying the pump was wasteful, Gorrell notes that breast pumps are not meant to be shared or donated. There are some varieties that can be used by more than one person, but this is just a regular commercial breast pump meant to be used by a single operator and then disposed of. If you’re going to throw it away anyway, might as well get some friends together for a pump-smashing party.