Mommyish Poll: Should Poor Teachers Be Developed Or Fired?

Teacher evaluations are considered crucial to keeping tabs on what children are, and are not, learning in the classroom. By regularly monitoring the effectiveness of teachers, schools can pinpoint areas where teachers can improve their strategies — or so would be the logic. Washington D.C. schools have recently begun using a new evaluation program entitled Impact which largely bases assessments on classroom observations. Yet, many of the teachers feel that they’re not be given the chance to improve once a negative assessment has been made.

Impact does take into account test scores, but many teachers find themselves being penalized for others things like kids eating in class or texting. Others report that the new system is better at “sorting and firing teachers than at helping struggling ones,” to quote The New York Times. Given how needed teachers are, and how little resources so many receive, are we really in position to let those willing to take up teaching go so easily? Yet, I can also understand that if teachers don’t really exhibit the fundamentals of being good teachers, why continue to spend the scant amount of funds available for education?

What do you think, mommies?

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