Mommyish Poll: Does ‘Pole Exercise’ Sound The Same As ‘Pole Dancing’ When It Comes To Your Seven-Year-Old?

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JLN Pole Fitness, a gym in in Bolton, Greater Manchester has been the subject of much scrutiny after the company posted Facebook photos of their young gymnasts performing “pole exercise” — girls as young as seven years old holding various positions on poles. The photos have sparked outrage from parents all over the interwebs, but the instructors maintain that classes are taught only as exercise and that the girls are not not being taught anything “erotic.”

Defending the course as gymnastics, some English mommies see no problem with their daughters attending regular classes. JLN’s owner Carren Bell told the Daily Mail that when it comes to the photos of the girls appearing on Facebook, “Parents come and sign consent forms.” He added, “It is not a pole dancing class, it is a pole exercise class.”

The featured girls in the photographs sure look like gymnasts, but putting a little girl in the proximity of any pole is enough to incite all kinds of controversy — and for good reason. Nevertheless, we have to acknowledge the benefits to young ladies taking to the poll in a non-sexual capacity, especially considering that there are studios that actively push explicitly sexy poll dancing for children as young as three years old. But if the gym’s owner and instructors are telling the truth, than perhaps it would be a relief for girls to assume the pole with other ambitions than to titillate on-lookers. Can we, in fact, revoke the pole from its stripper connotation when it comes to our children?

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