Mommyish Deputy Editor Koa Beck Talks Thylane Blondeau On CNN

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Yesterday, our deputy editor Koa Beck chatted with HLN anchor Richelle Carey about Thylane Blondeau, furthering the discussion about the sexualization of little girls.

Also being interviewed was Jenna Sauers, a former child model herself and editor at Jezebel who penned her own commentary on Thylane’s photos. Koa echoed the sentiments expressed in her post about the speculation that the suggestive photos are a satire of the fashion industry, but she also pointed out this:

“…even if that was the case and that was the intention behind these photos, the message that young girls get from this is very clear and that’s that sexuality is a performance, and not something that is authentically felt.”

Thylane’s mother has since issued a statement on Facebook responding the criticism regarding her daughter’s portfolio. The photographer who snapped most of the images of the 10-year-old, Dani Brubaker, is also not pleased with the backlash against the images. After viewing the segment, what are your thoughts?

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