Mom Spends A Truckload On Pink Baby Crap Only To Unexpectedly Give Birth To Baby Boy

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tutu babyI’m not one for silly pink and blue codes when it comes to babies. Whether you want your son to live in a Pepto Bismol sphere or your daughter to play with Thomas trucks may be enough to bait The Gender Police, but whatever floats your kid’s bathtub boats. Not so much the case for 25-year-old Sarah Sharples who was told that she was expecting a girl and promptly shelled out for just about every pink baby item imaginable — and then gave birth to a boy. Save those receipts, ladies. You never know when a wonky sonogram or an elusive fetus will have you regretting your highly gendered purchases.

Daily Mail reports that first-time mother Sarah and her 37-year-old husband were told as of the 20-week sonogram that they were having a girl. The parents reportedly picked out a name and got to Operation Pink:

…mother-to-be rushed straight out and spent £3,000 on pretty pink essentials for her new daughter. Sarah…filled her house with £500 of pink clothes, £1,000 of pink nursery furniture, and a £900 pink pram. And every basic, from feeding bottles to baby bath, was bought in the traditional girly colour.

…’We had picked her name, Lily-Mae, and had the room decorated with her name stencilled across the pink feature wall. We even had personalised blankets as gifts from family and friends.’…

Discovering it was a girl meant the forward-thinking couple could purchase all they needed for their ‘little princess’

Friends and family bought lots of -pink clothes and accessories as gifts, and their own spending began to mount up too.

But Sarah always knew having a baby wasn’t going to be cheap, so the couple were happy to spend the money.

She said: ‘It was my first baby and so we had to buy all the essentials.

‘I wanted everything to be perfect for her so that she would want for nothing. Being prepared was my main concern, and seeing as I knew I was having a girl I didn’t see the harm in buying everything in pink.’

Famous last words.

When Sarah delivered four weeks early, the midwife tapped her on the shoulder and was like, um, so you don’t gave a girl baby:

Sarah said: ‘I couldn’t understand it when the midwife said it was a boy. All our scans had confirmed it was a girl and I had everything prepared in pink…”

Lily-Mae was then promptly named Joseph and the adorable pink-stenciled Lily-Mae room became Monsters Inc-themed. Luckily for Sarah, she made the majority of those pink baby purchases at ASDA. The father describes the company as “fantastic” when it came to returns. And as for the rest of the personalized pink baby stuff from friends? Why, incentive for a second baby, of course. LILY-MAE LIVES ON.

(photo: littlemissmaura)