Prince William’s Measly Paternity Leave Is Over

Prince WIlliam and Prince Harry play a charity polo match at the Audi Polo ChallengePrince William welcomed a brand new son a couple weeks ago which means that he is now back at his metaphoric desk. Although many American men don’t have that formal title to sport, their introduction to fatherhood, assuming that they can even take paternity leave, and then assuming that they’re not too plagued by sexist daddy stigma to take it, often follows a similar, rather limited timeline. If the royal parents didn’t have the resources to procure some of the best childcare providers and nannies in the world, I would probably feel sorry for them — the way I feel sorry for American families who have to deal with such pronounced bullshit like TWO WEEK paternity leaves.

People magazine reports that Prince William “has said goodbye to his 2-week old son” and has returned to North Wales to resume being a Royal Air Force search and rescue helicopter pilot. Meanwhile, we can assume that Kate Middleton and Prince George are having the epic stare down that is welcoming a newborn.

“Flight Lieutenant Wales,” as Prince William is referred to, will finish up that job sometime in September before Buckingham Palace announces his next stint. Before hopping back on the choppers, William is reported to have been “relishing some of the chores of fatherhood.”

Because if you can only take a measly two weeks off for something as momentous as a brand new baby, you have to “relish” them. Seriously, Prince William can probably count on his fingers and toes the amount of diapers he has changed in two weeks. While it’s better than nothing — a phrase we use all too often to justify paltry parental leave on this side of the pond — it’s a far cry from the drastic maternity/paternity leave changes we so sorely need in the United States.

Now, If K Middy went back to work as an official “princess,” Prince William could apparently apply for up to 26 weeks of PAID leave, which obviously makes the United Kingdom sitting much prettier on parental leave that the United States.

(photo: WENN)

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