Ways Meghan Markle Will Be A Different Mom Than Kate Middleton

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We adore Kate, but Meghan Markle definitely seems more laid back.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_update

Chalk it up to their different backgrounds, Meghan’s former career, or just a difference in personality. But Kate Middleton seems like she was born to be a royal, and she is always on. In the nine years Kate has been the Duchess of Cambridge, we can’t think of a single time she’s “slipped up”. Meghan, on the other hand, is new to the royal life, and (if you believe the royal gossip mongers) has had her fair share of gaffs already. Now, we think she’s been the picture of perfection and seems to be adjusting really well to all of this. Her “slip-ups” seem to stem from the fact that she doesn’t find the pomp and circumstance of the royal life all that important. She definitely seems much more laid back, and we imagine that will come through in her parenting as well.

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