Ways Meghan Markle Will Be A Different Mom Than Kate Middleton

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Speaking of coming to America, Meghan Markle may want to capitalize on her US citizenship for Baby Sussex.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_update

With Baby Sussex being born in the UK to a British father, they’ll automatically be a citizen of the UK. But Meghan Markle is American and holds citizenship in the US. So unlike Kate, she has some options here! It’s not yet known if Meghan and Harry will seek dual citizenship for their children. According to the US Department of State, a baby born to an American citizen outside of the US is eligible for US citizenship, as long as the American parent lived in the country for five years before the birth. If they decide to purse dual citizenship, the royal couple will have to go through the application process. Meghan herself is not yet a UK citizen, although she may choose to pursue that in the future.

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