Martha Stewart Creates Billion Dollar Empire, Has No Idea How To Replace An iPad

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shutterstock_140198374__1380374044_142.196.156.251I just realized why I’m not a ridiculously wealthy DIY goddess. Well, besides the fact that I can’t sew, bake, collage, or make pillows – I have too much common sense. Martha Stewart dropped her iPad this week, causing the corners to shatter. For the life of her, she couldn’t figure out what to do next.

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Am I the only one that finds this funny? I want to make a call to Apple to inquire about when they will be dispatching someone to fix my cracked iPhone screen, just to see how the customer service agent reacts. Her followers were very kind to her. Most of them just wished her luck still having Apple Care on the product (fingers crossed!) because I’m sure it would be a devastating financial blow for her to have to purchase a new one.

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I imagine Martha lounging in the most beautiful robe you’ve ever seen, eating homemade French macaroons for breakfast and listening for the sounds of a helicopter overhead, repelling Apple agents into her breakfast nook to swiftly remove the compromised iPad.

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Perhaps Martha has been a multimillionaire mogul for so long that she forgot how things work in the real world – namely, that giant corporations don’t drop everything to respond to your every whim? Well, with almost three million Twitter followers – I’m pretty sure Martha new what she was doing here. I don’t buy the doe eyed, how does one fix this? act one bit.

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At this point I imagine her holding the most gloriously catered seance ever, so Steve Jobs could pay a visit from the afterlife and properly consult her as to how to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem. Seriously Martha, if you can’t figure this out – I’m sure you have and assistant or something to help you out, don’t you?

(photo: s_bukley/ Shutterstock)