Helping Your Child Develop Their Intelligence Using Lego Games

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New parents often wonder how best to help their child develop intellectually. Experts have known for a long time that certain types of games can help with this task, including traditional type of games like card games or board games, and more recently toy-based games like Lego Games.

Many studies show that much of a child’s intelligence is inherited, but that obviously isn’t the only factor that decides how smart your child will become. Intelligence involves the capacity for not only accumulating knowledge, but also understanding concepts and events. The way your child’s brain does this develops over time, and there is a lot you can do, as a parent, to help.

So how can Lego Games help?

Playing with Legos can be a real challenge for children of almost any age. Legos can awaken your child’s imagination and curiosity. Studies show that playing with Legos can help a child’s brain process and assimilate information from their environment and can aid in the development of motor skills as well.

The beauty of Lego Games is that there are options for all age groups. For babies and young toddlers there is the Lego Duplo which comes with large, easy to handle pieces that are easy to assemble for hours of creative play. For slightly older kids (2+) there are more intricate options such as Bricks & More which allow your child more free-play choices, while still being large enough to be safe and not easily choked on.

For even older kids there are more complicated choices with choices for kids who are age 10 and higher. Many of these sets have fun themes such as super heroes, princesses, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and many more, which can help your child develop their skills while still indulging in their favorite movies or activities. As a parent, you can help your child choose which Lego Game they enjoy the most and then observe their activity so you can understand better their particular learning style.

How Do Lego Games Help Develop Intelligence?

Playing Lego Games helps your child develop their intelligence by allowing them to better understand their environment and how they can manipulate and comprehend it. Not only that, but building and creating things with Lego Games helps your child to develop a sense of ownership over their creations which aids in the growth of creative standards and a better sense of the big picture (aka the world at large). Learning how each piece fits together and seeing what they can make is a valuable challenge to the mind.

Kids who play Lego Games also develop self-confidence and become better aware of their environments, including physical, cultural and social. This helps to develop their social abilities so they can better use them with the people and situations they interact with on a daily basis.

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