Lularoe Now Paying Because Their Leggings ‘Rip Like Wet Toilet Paper

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Remember last month when we told you about all those folks coming out against Lularoe leggings? Despite the fact that these leggings had become seriously popular over the past year or so, many customers were coming out against the company. Their complaints lied in the fact that many of them purchased leggings that were of poor quality or simply defective. At the time, the company did not seem to want to assume any responsibility for the products, many of which were sized incorrectly, tore easily, or already came torn. Now, Lularoe have created a new program addressing the matter—but for many, it’s still not enough.

Bravo Lularoe Or Too Little, Too Late?

According to Business Insider, the brand has launched two new programs aimed at addressing the issue. The LuLaRoe Limited Warranty and Happiness Policy came into effect April 25th and states that Lularoe, which (according to their website) “details our return, refund, and exchange policy – along with instituting a limited warranty” the details of which are listed on their site.

The Make Good program is the one that seeks to remedy the problematic leggings. Here’s how the Lularoe website describes it:

“The ‘MAKE GOOD Program’ entitles Consumers to a product replacement, LuLaRoe Gift Card, or refund for products containing a defect in materials or workmanship purchased between January 1, 2016 and April 24, 2017 from an authorized Independent Fashion Retailer. If you have received a defective product, we want to make things right.”

Will this be enough to quell the concerns of those who were burned by the defective products, though? Complaints can still be found all over social media, including on the LuLaRoe Defective/Ripped /Torn Leggings And Clothes Facebook Group. Remember when I told you all that the group has over 16,000 members last month? It’s grown exponentially, and now boasts well over 27k unsatisfied customers.

GIphy / Reddit

Giphy / Reddit

Only time will tell if this is enough. But considering LuLaRoe’s CEO Mark Stidham has yet to apologize for or recognize his company’s defective products, chances are folks will stay mad.

“I don’t feel we have much to apologize for,” Stidham told Business Insider. “I’m empathetic, and I’m sorry that [some customers] had a bad experience. But I don’t feel that the company is in a place where a blanket apology is necessary.”

Yeah, if I were part of that group of (rightfully) angry customers, that wouldn’t be enough for me, either.

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