There’s a Brainy New Character in the Little Miss Series, and She’s a Hoot

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I adored the Mir. Men and Little Miss books when I was a kid. My mother was trying to cure me of a bossy streak that was driving her crazy, and I got a lot of books about bossy little girls getting their comeuppance. (I do not recall any books about bossy little boys.) It didn’t work very well, because I never related to a fictional character as much as I related to Little Miss Bossy. I didn’t care about the “lesson” she learned at the end; I liked the part where she was the boss of everybody. Little Miss Bossy was my hero. And now there’s a new member of the Little Miss universe who is an even better role model: Little Miss Inventor.

According to Kidspot, Little Miss Inventor was created by Adam Hargreaves, the son of Roger Hargreaves, who created the original Mr. Men and Little Miss series. She’s designed to be a positive role model, and she’s intelligent, ingenious, and inventive.

Here comes Little Miss Inventor.

She’s a green-haired engineer whose “brain is full of ideas, which she turns into extraordinary inventions in her shed at the bottom of her garden.”

I dig her style, and also I love her because she reminds me of Peridot, the engineer from Steven Universe.

(Steven Universe is fabulous. Everyone should watch it.)

Little Miss Inventor thinks up and designs new products to help all the other characters with their problems. She makes a backpack refrigerator so Mr. Greedy can have snacks all the time. And she makes something called a “chatter-natter hat” for Little Miss Chatterbox. It’s not actually clear what a chatter-natter hat is, but it sounds useful to someone named Little Miss Chatterbox.

Little Miss Inventor will debut in a new book released on March 8, 2018. That’s designed to coincide with both International Women’s Day and British Science Week. I’m definitely going to be checking this out.

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