Even Leader In Christian Homeschooling Movement Thinks The Duggars Are Wrong

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It is no secret that the Duggars are not popular with a lot of mainstream society. Many bristle at their ideas on everything from procreation to courting and lots of the little things in between. However, it is truly interesting to see that a prominent figure in the home-schooling system is publicly denouncing the guiding principles that the Duggars and other ultra-Christian home-schooling families follow. It is heartening to see that someone with the same religious principals says the Duggars are wrong in the way they are teaching their children.

From The Raw Story, we have an article detailing the denouncement of the Duggar’s patriarchal way of life from Michael Farris, a leader in the Christian home-schooling movement. He states that he had been “uncomfortable for years” with the teachings of Doug Phillips and Bill Gothard (the Duggars associate with both of them) but had not spoken out as his organization, the Home School Legal Defense Organization, defends anyone the right to home-school. From a recent newsletter he issued:

“Frankly, we should have spoken up sooner,” Farris wrote. “How much sooner is hard to say. There is a subtle difference between teaching that we simply disagree with and teaching that is truly dangerous.”

The article goes on to list the offenses of Gothard (suspended from the Institute in Basic Life Principles this year) and Phillips (he resigned from Vision Forum Ministries amid scandal), all having to do with sexual abuse and molestation along with a healthy dose of abusing their authority with the young people they were supposed to be educating. It is filthy and disgusting- I am so glad to hear that someone from their inner circle is finally speaking out:

“With these recent scandals in view, we think it is now time to speak out — not about these men’s individual sins, but about their teachings,” Farris wrote. “Their sins have damaged the lives of their victims, and should be addressed by those with the appropriate legal and spiritual authority in those situations, but their teachings continue to threaten the freedom and integrity of the homeschooling movement. That is why HSLDA needs to stand up and speak up.”

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