Athletes Need To Stop Humiliating Breastfeeding Moms

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breastfeeding vs formulaSome people find breastfeeding to be nasty. As in, they don’t want to see it in public, thank you very much. And you know what? That’s their right. It may be silly or immature, but so be it. What’s not cool, however, is when anyone – especially a public figure – decides to tweet out a photo of a mom nursing her infant along with the words, “Hey @Nordstrom nothing makes me want to spend $$ like seeing women breastfeeding in your store…” That’s precisely what Miami Marlins left-fielder Logan Morrison did recently. Classy guy, no?

Not surprisingly, the tweet has since been deleted from Morrison’s Twitter page, which has more than 120,000 followers. But not before Nordstrom shot back with, “We welcome breastfeeding mothers in our store.” (Prime PR op!) In the grand scheme of life, Morrison’s tweet isn’t exactly earth-shattering. But it is certainly annoying. The words themselves aren’t even that bad, it’s the fact that he photographed this complete stranger and her child, then shared the pic with 120,000 people. That is majorly creepy no matter how you look at it. And just so invasive.

Some of Morrison’s followers called him out on being an ass, including Sports Illustrated‘s Jay Jaffe. After a ridiculous back and forth, Morrison shared this nugget, “I have NOTHING against breastfeeding. I was breastfed. Just not something u see that openly in public. She made no attempt 2 cover her boob.” Ah, so that explains it! How about you don’t look, Logan Morrison? And if you happen to catch a glimpse, how about you walk away instead of taking the time to photograph this stranger who’s feeding her child?

Morrison follows in the trashy footsteps of NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne, who last year tweeted out to his legions of followers, “Just walking through supermarket. See a mom breast feeding little kid. Took second look because I was obviously seeing things. I wasn’t.” And then, “I don’t feel like shopping anymore or eating,” followed by, “One boob put away and one boob hanging! #nasty.” Whatever – at least he didn’t photograph the poor woman!

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