Octomom Now Seeking Donations From Those Who Have Profited Off Her The Most, i.e. Internet Users

Nadya SulemanRegardless of where your mind goes when you hear the term “Ocotomom,” Nadya Suleman is a mother of 14 and therefore needs a means to support her massive family. Even with her porn debut now available for the masses, the mother apparently still is in need of funds to keep her family afloat. And that includes now asking you kind people for donations.

Nadya has set up a page on gofundme.com asking for donations to purchase a home. Her goal? $150,000 big ones. This is following news that her La Habra home was put up for auction. The mother also filed for bankruptcy last spring, but reportedly did not complete necessary paperwork to finish the claim.

Needless to say, most parents would go to the ends of the earth to keep food in their kids’ mouths and shelter above their heads. And despite Nadya’s exploitation-tastic efforts, she is by no means an exception. Nor are her children. Considering that the Internet has profited immensely from Nadya’s every move, from the births of her children to the status of her home, the mother is understandably going right to the source. Those who instantly see her name and click. Those who have generated countless page views simply by snarking hardcore on her decisions. Time to pay up for services rendered.

Internet dwellers who have perhaps giggled to themselves as they relished the latest bit of the Octomom Saga or dropped a vicious comment here and there would do well to throw a couple of bucks her way. She’s entertained you in the way that that trainwreck low-hanging fruit often does in Internetland, and her kids need to eat too.

(photo: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com)

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