‘Tiger Mom’ Porn: Impressive Teen Banks $3 Million In College Scholarships As Elite Colleges Clamor For His Acceptance

tigerLloyd Chen has cleaned up. The 17-year-old is graduating valedictorian from Laguna Creek High School in California with over three million dollars in scholarships from some of the most elite universities in the world.  Don’t all salivate at once, Tiger Moms.

Lloyd has received offers from all the big hitters:

  • Stanford
  • MIT
  • Yale
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC David
  • UC San Diego
  • Harvard

He chose Harvard, which has been his fantasy school since he was a little boy.

What’s even more impressive than his options are the odds Lloyd had to overcome to get where he is today. He emigrated from South Korea to the US with his parents and two sisters 16 years ago. His father abandoned the family shorty after, leaving his disabled mother to care for her children alone. His mom was clearly very dedicated, often driving them to school and staying there for the entire day to save on gas money.

Lloyd’s mother reportedly has an autoimmune disorder that leaves her unable to work, so money was tight for the family growing up. They lived in a home paid for by social services and when his sisters were old enough to go to college, Lloyd was left to care for his ailing mother all by himself. All while still attending high school and maintaining a 4.79 GPA.

According to Lloyd’s high school counselor, Alycia Sato, Lloyd possesses a remarkable sense of humility. He is always willing to lend a hand to fellow students who are struggling academically and is also the first to credit his family and teachers for his success. When he received his early acceptance letter from Harvard he told Soto, “This is our success.”

Lloyd was also awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which will pay for his tuition, book fees, room and board all the way through graduate school. He plans on getting his masters degree and has expressed interest in engineering, psychology and economics.

He sounds worth every cent of that whopping $3 million.

(Photo: Eduard Kyslynskyy / Shutterstock)

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