Lisa Irwin’s Mom Was Possibly Black Out Drunk

Deborah Bradley, the mother of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, has been making the TV rounds today. The mother already admitted during an NBC interview that she was drinking on the night her daughter went missing and was admittedly “drunk.” But in front of FOX’s Megyn Kelly, the mother also admits to the possibility of blacking out.

In the interview, Bradley says that she “probably” had more than five drinks and says that she is entitled to “grown up time”:

”[Lisa] was sleeping. You know I don’t see the problem in me having my grown up time. I take good care of my kids.”

We here at Mommyish are big proponents of grown up time, but five alcoholic beverages coupled with the possibility of blacking out (all with kids in the house) sounds like something else entirely. Deborah told the outlet that she doesn’t think she has a drinking problem.

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