British Retailer Partners With Mom Organization To Design Bra For Girls

Tesco, the largest retail company in Britain, was in some hot water not too long ago for selling padded bras and pole-dancing kits to young girls. This time around, when designing a “first bra” for girls, the company reached out to mothers at Mumsnet, a website and discussion forum. Having seen the error of their ways, the company consulted a panel of Mumsnet members when designing the bra intended for girls as young as nine.

Girls are reaching puberty at younger and younger ages which has given marketers and companies opportunities to sexualize children with everything from lingerie to glittery Kotex pads. One member of Mumsnet remarked when asked what type of first bra she envisioned:

”˜I would like to see first bra styles that reflect the need for modesty as well as an element of attractiveness that is appropriate for girls of this age, for example, pale colours, pretty prints, thin straps. I do not want anything that looks remotely sexy or titillating.’

The result has been the debut of Fleur First bras pictured here which come in two styles: a crop-like sports bra and a more conventional soft triangle bra. Both styles are are wire-free and without padding.

Jan Marchant, the director of Tesco, told Daily Mail that the initiative to reach out to Mumsnet was an effort to reach “out to more parents [in] asking them directly what they wanted.” If only more companies followed suit.


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