Levi Johnston Plans To Name Unborn Baby ‘Breeze Beretta,’ After A Gun  But That’s Not The Worst Of It

breeze berettaSo Jessica Simpson named her baby girl Maxwell Drew. Big whoop. That’s nothing compared to what professional baby daddy Levi Johnston has planned. He’s opted to call his unborn baby, a girl, Breeze Beretta after a gun (Beretta is the name of an Italian firearms manufacturer). In case you think it’s one big joke, Johnston’s 20-year-old baby mama-slash-girlfriend Sunny Oglesby confirmed the news during an interview with Inside Edition.

But, honestly, that’s not even the surprising part. A name is just a name, after all, and so long as the baby is healthy and happy, who really cares, right? The part that made me snicker was listening to Oglesby discuss the accidental nature of the pregnancy:

“We were out at the cabin for like, four days, and forgot the birth control,” she said.

Uh, okay. So then you went ahead and had unprotected sex. That’s all fine and good who am I to judge? but it’s hardly an accident if you’re choosing not to use birth control. But whatever even that isn’t such a big deal compared to Levi Johnston’s totally offensive sound bites about his ex, Bristol Palin, and their son Tripp.

Just to refresh your memory: Little Tripp was born in 2008 and, mere months after his birth, Johnston and Palin, then just 18 years old, split up. Johnston has since been somewhat of a deadbeat dad, and Palin has been quite verbal in expressing that to the world. Johnston, however, insists that the Palins have alienated him from Tripp and that he hardly sees his son as a result (by the way, Johnston wrote a book shortly after the split in which he totally bashes the Palin family, going so far as to claim that Bristol got pregs just to spite her mom, Sarah Palin).

Whatever happened in their relationship, the fact remains that Johnston was willingly with Bristol Palin for three long years before they broke up that’s a lifetime in teen years and yet he somehow thinks it’s okay to treat her, the mother of his child, with so much disrespect. Classy, buddy. Anyway, Johnston told Inside Edition that he plans on doing things differently with Oglesby than he did with Palin.

I’m actually in love…not doing it just because we had a kid together,” he said.

Ouch! I think of Tripp reading this one day, and my heart breaks for the little guy. Johnston can’t control what the Palins choose to tell Tripp about him, but he can certainly control what comes out of his own mouth. He should try that some time.

(Photo: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com)

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