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Moroccan Newscaster Interrupted By Daughter Live On Air, Handles It Like A Boss

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lena alwash and daughter

Given the constant — and needed — dialogue surrounding the lack of maternity leave, affordable child care, and all the other woes that working moms face, it’s nice when you hear about a kick ass mom who totally rocks literally balancing motherhood and the workplace. That’s exactly what happened when a Moroccan newscaster was interrupted on the air by her kid.

While reading the news yesterday, Lena Alwash received a humorous surprise when her daughter ran out on set and tried to give her a smartphone, right on the air. Those of significantly less zen may have been thrown by such a rare event, but not Alwash. She was totally nonplussed. She simply gave her daughter an amused sideways glance and raised her eyebrow slightly to let the audience know she had seen the child. The whole thing lasted no longer than 15 seconds, but it was certainly memorable.

Shockingly, the YouTube comments have been mostly supportive and impressed at her poise.

I want to note that numerous commenters, both on Youtube and various news sites, are claiming that Alwash is Syrian and had been waiting for news of her family in Syria due to the tragic events taking place right now. I can’t confirm this but we’ll update accordingly should that be the case.