Pregnant Kate Middleton Bought Some Leggings And You Should Totally Care

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Kate MiddletonTomorrow, I’m going to write a piece titled, “Pregnant Kate Middleton Woke Up This Morning.” Because, ya know, I realize that’s the first thing you think about when your eyelids start to flutter open for the day. “Where is my bestie Kate and how are she and the royal fetus doing?”

Let’s all catch up on the latest news on Kate Middleton before we get into tomorrow’s update though. Today, we learned that everyone’s favorite royal reproductive system went to Selfridges department store in London where she browsed workout clothes by ‘Sweaty Betty.’

This might be one of the few ways that the Duchess of Cambridge is a little like us common folk. I lived in yoga pants during the first few months of my daughter’s life. Maybe Kate the Great is just preparing from some quality time hanging out around the castle. I’m preferring to go with this theory over the less fun, “She’s already thinking about losing the baby weight,” nonsense that comes when any pregnant celebrity gets near “workout clothes.”

This makes the second shopping trip is days for the woman who is just obviously dying to make headlines. Why else would she leave her house and shop for maternity wear or leggings? Doesn’t she have servants to do that for her if she really isn’t attempting to bait the paparazzi?

Stay tuned for our next installment of, “Just How Many Mundane Details Of Kate Middleton’s Life Can We Turn Into A Big Deal.”

(Photo: WENN)