Mommyish Gift Guide:The Last Minute Shopper’s Edition!

last minute holiday shopping

So it’s come to the last weekend before Christmas and you haven’t so much as purchased those stocking stuffers? No judgement here, as we can’t all be early birds who camp outside toys stores at all hours of the night to nab the coolest toys. So for those of you haven’t tucked away all those neatly-wrapped presents, breathe deep and resist the urge to panic. There is still time.

Shopping for your ex may be awkward, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Don’t forget to add expectant mothers to your list as they deserve to be pampered. If your kid is a big reader, keeping in mind that there are books out there besides Harry Potter and Twilight. If you’re not sure in which vein to begin your gift shopping, keep in mind that retro picks are in this season. There is still time to grab some under $25 gifts for your teacher, and if you’re unsure what the hottest toys are this time around, we can give you some ideas of where to start. And in case you can’t grab those must-have toys due to budget or that darned to store selling out, there are alternatives.

For those kids who want nothing more than stuffed animals this year, we have those covered as well eletronic gifts for tech-savvy children of every age. If you’re shopping for a super girly girl, you can find the dreamhouses and pink accoutrement right there, and the tomboy in your life was also not forgotten with some anti-princess gift ideas.

And just remember that those big ticket items for kids are sometimes not worth the price.

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