Coolest Landlord Ever Lowers Rent During Holiday Season

My child is too young to understand the whole exchange-of-gifts thing, so the pressure to purchase isn’t really on our shoulders this year. I know it is for a lot of families, though.  If only everyone had a cool landlord who would give them a break on the rent so they could more easily participate in some holiday cheer.

That’s exactly what one landlord in Los Angeles did for all of his tenants this holiday season. In a note to his tenants at the end of November, he explained that he would be offering each of them a $70 break on the rent so they could “purchase a gift for someone special.” One of his tenants then posted the note on Reddit, and every renter on the Internet is now wishing he was their landlord.

For so many years now we have had a tradition of helping a little during this last month of the year when many people start getting ready for Christmas. We feel fortunate to be able to extend that tradition this year as well. To that end, we offer each of you our holiday present. . .

Thank you very much for your continued residence with us. It means a great deal.

It’s not like 70 dollars is going to change anyone’s life, but it is an amazing gesture. One of my landlords used to give us a crate of clementine oranges during the holiday season. I loved it. It’s really heartwarming to get any kind of gesture from someone who you are not close to. It’s nice.

Little gestures like this one help us to remember that the holiday season is about giving, more so than receiving. It reminds me that this is an important lesson I want to teach my children. The holiday season isn’t just about making lists of things you want and shopping until you never want to set foot in a mall again. It’s about making people feel good.

Also – best landlord, ever.

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