Kris Jenner’s Nip Slip Perfectly Demonstrates The Problem With Trashy Halloween Costumes

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Kris JennerKris Jenner decided to share a photo of herself in a Wonder Woman costume on Instagram. I guess she wanted to get into the Halloween spirit. In one way, she succeeded at that. She showed just how the spirit of Halloween has been corrupted by barely-there costumes and cheap sexualization.

When I say that Halloween has become a time to take the costume of something you mildly enjoy and slash off 75% of the fabric involved in making that costume, I’m not surprising anyone. We all know that this is the season of sexualization. Still, kids, teens, and even moms enjoy getting dressed up for a little family fun. We attend Halloween parties. We check out haunted hotels or train stations or forests. We walk around our neighborhoods begging for candy from strangers. Even with the not-so-subtle racism of Native American costumes or the complete inappropriateness of sexy Sesame Street costumes, we all still manage to have a great time and hopefully score some mini Snickerz bars.

But this costume is the problem with Halloween. Lynda Carter would be embarrassed. My daughter dressed up as Wonder Woman last year and I’m embarrassed now. This is a grown woman whose top comes down so low that it can’t cover her nipples.

Kris Jenner is a grandmother. Let’s all think of little Mason wanting to be carried by his Mimi. Any baby or toddler will have that top down to her belly button in seconds. I am definitely not saying that women who are old enough to be grandmothers can’t be sexy. Hello Helen Mirren! I am saying that there’s a difference between an attractive older woman, and a woman who her top spilling out of a superhero costume.

Of course, the biggest question of this whole thing is why Kris Jenner chose to publish this picture when her nipples were visible at the top of her costume. I suppose that can only be answered by saying, she’s Kris Jenner. I mean, we’re not writing about her. This is what she obviously wanted and she achieved it.

Maybe we should think about Kris Jenner as a one-woman Public Service Announcement. She’s an example of the trashiest aspect of our culture. So it should make plenty of sense to see her in a costume that takes a beloved cultural character and makes it as needlessly risque as possible.