Twitter Tries to Accuse Kim Kardashian of Doing Cocaine Around Her Kids, and She Was Not Having It

Kim Kardashian posts a lot of photos and videos to Snapchat and Instagram, and people love to comb over them for evidence that she’s doing something wrong. Β This week someone really thought she’d found the motherlode of Kardashian dirt when Kim posted a Snapchat selfie of herself wearing the “Flower Crown” filter, and there were what appeared to be lines of cocaine on the table behind her.

Kim Kardashian was not having that. She has kids in the house and people are saying she is doing lines of coke off her coffee table?

Kardashian responds to cocaine rumor

Kardashian actually responded to the cocaine rumor and said it was never cocaine. At first she said it was sugar leftover from her trip with the kids to Dylan’s Candy Bar. Kardashian BFF Chrissy Teigen even showed up to wonder what kind of cokehead lines up their coke on the table and then just leaves it there and doesn’t do it.

kim kardashian cocaine

This might be surprising for a woman whose career includes paid appearances at high-profile nightclub parties and who was the spokeswoman for Midori, but Kim Kardashian is a teetotaler. She says she doesn’t like the taste or enjoy the feeling of being drunk, so under most circumstances she doesn’t really drink at all. (She took a drink of George Clooney’s tequila brand on a recent vacation, but that seems like it was because she was a friend and house guest of one of the company’s owners.)

Kim Kardashian and North were even photographed by paparazzi at Dylan’s Candy Store earlier that day. But some people did not believe her story.

The “coke lines” were still there the next day

The next day, Kim Kardashian went back to the hotel room again, and when she took a Snapchat with the same flower crown filter, the lines on the table were still there, even though the mess from giving her 4-year-old Pixie Stix was long gone. When she looked closer, she realized the hotel room actually had a marble table, and the light-colored marbling in the stone looked like lines in her photo.

Marble table!

kim kardashian marble table

“I’m a mom,” she sighed into the Snapchat camera. “That’s not my lifestyle.”

Kim Kardashian isn’t doing coke. She just has a marble table.

(Image: Snapchat / Kim Kardashian West)

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