Kim Kardashian Finally Released the First Photo of Saint West, and He’s Just as Cute as North

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At long last, Kim Kardashian has blessed the world with a photo of her second child, Saint West. When she first revealed a photo of her daughter, North West, my then-childfree self thought, “OMG, babies are so cute! I want one!”

Now I feel like I need to add spoiler space before embedding this Instagram photo, because now Saint is here, and he’s so cute everyone’s going to start ovulating.


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Say whatever you like about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but they have some very cute babies. OK, all babies are cute, but Kim is very good at framing an Instagram photo. Just look at that tiny little baby all sound asleep but looking triumphant with his little fists above his head.

I want to kiss his little cheeks, but also I envy him, and not just because he can’t even eat solid foods yet and somebody’s probably already hurrying up with his damn croissants. He just looks so relaxed and comfortable in that waffle shirt and those soft-looking white sheets. He looks like he’s sleeping in a cloud. I think I’d have to have a three-hour massage at the Ritz to get that relaxed. (Saint might have already done that for all I know. If the Ritz is not yet offering baby spa services, they will after Kanye gets on the phone with them.)

But speaking of Kanye, he and Kim and the babies took Chrissy Teigen and John Legend baby shopping–because Teigen and Legend are expecting a daughter of their own very shortly–and apparently those high-end baby rockers are as comfortable as they look, because North and Kanye both just fell sound asleep right in the middle of the store.