Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at Miserable Mom-Shamers on Twitter


People just will not stop criticizing Chrissy Teigen’s parenting on Twitter and Instagram. It’s so weird because not only do these people not have anything better to do with their time than harass Teigen because her baby isn’t wearing socks, but why would anyone pick Teigen as a target? Teigen is great. She’s funny and weird, smart, sincere when she needs to be, an excellent cook with an Instagram full of spicy food porn, and she’s a supermodel who never even seems smug about it. What’s not to like?

Well, apparently there are a lot of crabby, miserable people in the world, and they just hate everyhing Chrissy Teigen is doing. She’s had to defend herself against criticisms of being an “unwed mother” despite the fact that Teigen’s been married since 2013 and her wedding dress was on the cover of People. She’s fought off IVF trolls, and even had to defend herself against people coming after her daughter for having rosy cheeks. And it’s still happening. Teigen just posted a screen shot of several comments she received recently from people worried about how warmly she dressed the baby, why the baby doesn’t have socks, and even some weirdo who thinks there’s something wrong with the way Teigen’s baby shows emotions.

“Imagine being this miserable,” Teigen wrote. “We are fine, thanks.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.18.44 AM


Who are these people, and why don’t they have anything better to do with their afternoon than complain about Chrissy Teigen’s baby not wearing socks? It’s not like Teigen’s a judgmental celebrity mom posting anti-vax nonsense or out-of-touch shaming of normal moms for things like using daycare, working, or not sending their babies to vegan cooking school in Spain. Teigen’s about as down-to-Earth as a supermodel can get.

“Some people are just hell bent on being the fucking worst,” she Tweeted a few minutes later.

They really are.

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