Jane Daly Makes Beauty Sound So Do-able And Fun That I May Start Getting Out Of My Mommy Rut


I love makeup and nail polish and all of that, but I am just as guilty as any busy mom as far as falling into a rut and on occasion not even bothering to “put on my face.” I don’t think women are required to wear makeup but I like to wear it. Jane Daly is one of the only beauty writers I truly trust because not only is she a mom (she has two daughters, Em – 24 and Biddy, who is 17), she is also great at telling it like it is. She has been doing yoga before it was cool, despises cardio, and she sat down with Mommyish to yammer all about beauty and MILFS and how woman can still care about how they look, even after having babies and discovering their kid is using their favorite eyeliner to color ponies with.

What to do you do, why do you do it, what is your beauty philosophy?

I love to help women find their own individual beauty and to bring a positive message to all things beauty related. Sometimes pampering ourselves is all it takes to boost our mood and elevate the day. I am a realist when it comes to beauty products””I will test, I will try, but most importantly: I will not mislead. Sometimes companies send me products but that does not guarantee a review and I will only offer good reviews on something I truly love. I’ve been a product junkie forever though, so most products reviewed here are from my own stash. If it’s reviewed here, it’s because I love it and want to share it with you.

I worked for many years in the perfume and beauty industry and have a true love for beauty that borders on obsession. I am hypnernosmic, which means I can pretty much smell you from here. My friends have used me as their beauty guru for years so writing about it was a natural progression- it just makes it easier to share my secrets and fun finds! I don’t believe we have to spend a lot of money to feel beautiful, and beauty and fragrance are easy ways to have fun without breaking the bank. Adding simple beauty to our lives is a good thing.

I’m a mom, you’re a mom. What do you think changes regarding beauty and appearance after we become moms? 

Looking after ourselves makes us feel better, and as moms it can be easy to put our needs on the back burner. Don’t do that. Pamper yourself, and do the little things that make you feel good, because feeling good is the first step to feeling beautiful. Don’t have time to blow-dry? Get a good cut that works with your natural hair texture so you can let it air-dry. If you don’t have the time or inclination for makeup, be sure to keep your skin moisturized””moist skin is radiant skin and if you feel radiant you feel good. Our kids are pretty smart; they know that when you take time for yourself, you are a happier person.

What do you think about the pressure on moms to be forever sexy or MILFS and all that? 

Hollywood moms are the worst thing to happen to motherhood. Ever. Women who have paid dietitians  personal trainers and the genetics that got them to Hollywood in the first place are NOT who us, as normal humans should be comparing ourselves too. I gained 65 pounds with my first daughter and 45 with my second. It took me a year to feel like I had my body back again. I wish I had been better able to embrace the body that had created these two incredible people rather than trying on my Skinny Pre- Baby Jeans & crying when they didn’t fit. We know that when women look at images of ridiculously genetically lucky types who also live on liquid diets and work out several hours a day, seven days a week, a.k.a Victoria’s Secret models, they feel bad about themselves and dislike their bodies. So, tell this to your daughters, let them know that kind of “beauty” is an illusion, and that advertisements featuring skinny models made women feel worse about themselves”¦but better about the brands featured. Sneaky. So it’s advertising. Not life.

Should moms be sexy? Well, yes, but I’d clarify that to say that mom’s should feel sexy. To themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are the media’s idea of sexy. If you feel sexy, it will radiate out from you. I’m going to use Lena Dunham from Girls as an example, even though she is a young whippersnapper. Lena is not a skinny model. She feels and is sexy. She happily gets naked – ON TV – all. The. Time. I get that Girls isn’t for everyone but I think Lena sends a bigger message to young women. Love your self. Love your body. Lumps? Bumps? Who cares? There is not enough make up or fancy clothing in the world to make woman who hates herself be sexy. She might look sexy, but when you get up close and intimate, self hatred and insecurity is not sexy. Freewheelin’ self- love, however, is.

What are three beauty products no mom should be without? 

Number one will always be rosewater. Right now I’m loving Thayer’s Rosewater, which I get at my local health food store. It makes my skin radiant and can remove makeup in a pinch. The fragrance of rose is calming and centering for women.

Second would be Vichy ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector. It’s a tone-correcting lotion that addresses sunspots, uneven complexion, and acne scarring. It does what it says, delivering a lovely amount of moisture to the skin- perfect for all skin types. My readers who have used it say they hardly reach for their concealers anymore.

Skinceuticals Blemish & Age Serum is third. If you have skin that’s also acne prone (hormones!) or starting to, ahem, age, you need this stuff. It has changed my skin. Keeps breakouts at bay, without drying out and making aging skin look dull.

(Images: Jane Daly)

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