Kim Kardashian Wants Kris Humphries To Pay Her For Putting Up With His Antics

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Celebrities at the Ed Sullivan Theater for 'The Late Show with David Letterman'The epic Kim Kardashian divorce from Kris Humphries doesn’t seem to be anywhere near finalization. The soon-to-be mother may be building her “dream home” with Kanye West but the latest updates from the E!-sponsored union with Kris Humphries indicate she won’t be moving on any time soon. Legally speaking, of course.

Although there is speculation that Kim Kardashian offered Kris $10 million dollars to drop this fraud business, TMZ reports that she  is not giving Kris so much as the change in her Birkin purse. No settlement here as the reality star is willing to give exactly zero dollars.

In fact, she not only wants him to cover her legal fees (which are reported to be approaching a quarter of a million dollars, as are Kris’s). But she would be more than pleasingly plump to drag their broken union before a judge because she is confident she could win cash money from the NBA player. As Kim has stated in the past, she maintains that she did not marry for publicity, therefore did not commit fraud by duping Kris Humphries into a multi-million dollar wedding.

Bottom line? Kim Kardashian* will most likely be walking her kid to preschool before any of this comes to pass.


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