The Official Kimye Love Nest Is Being Built As We Speak

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EXCL kim kardashian kanye west 2 091112Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are wasting no time in getting their baby’s, and of course their own, residence in order. The pair, who are about to be bound for life by — not matrimony — but biology, have officially set up their Kimye residence.

TMZ reports that the couple can now go borrow a cup of sugar from neighbor Jennifer Aniston if need be, as they’ve bought a $11 million dollar mansion in Bel Air. The soon-to-be parents have owned the 10,000 square-foot home, enveloped in a gated community, for a few weeks now.

But remodeling is already underway — and in a major way. Kimye have “already gutted it” and are reportedly designing a “dream home” of 14,000 square feet to rest on the property.  The Kardashian-West residence will apparently be in the Italian villa style with all of the following amenities and power couple essentials:

  • a gym
  • movie theater
  • hair and makeup salon
  • bowling alley
  • basketball court
  • indoor and outdoor pool

Everything a growing family needs to feel comfy cozy — and maybe restart the MTV “Cribs” series. I’m sure the Keeping Up With the Kardashians producers are waiting with baited breath to tour that boudoir. No word on that gold encrusted nursery yet.