‘The Kegel Bear’ Book Helps Moms Strengthen Pelvic Floor

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It’s easy to do kegels. It’s also easy to forget to do kegels. Fortunately, we’re all getting a new reminder in the form of an illustrated book about a bear. Huh? Oh, yeah, it’s called The Kegel Bear. And if you think it’s a little weird, you’re not alone. But honestly, you’re already intrigued, aren’t you?

The Kegel Bear is a book about a big, furry bear that loves to give everyone a good, ahem, squeeze. And reading the book is a nice, subtle, friendly reminder to take care of your pelvic floor. The book, written by author and mom Natalie Bayne, is certainly aimed at new mamas who are feeling the physical repercussions of giving birth to a baby or two.

Bayne was inspired to write the book when she realized she never made time for kegels but always made time to read to her kids.

The answer was right in front of her. Write a kids book she’d end up having to read over and over, and simultaneously remember to do her kegels while reading it. Pretty genius stuff there.

Bayne lives in Seattle and currently heads an organization that teachers girls about audio engineering. She’s also a musician herself, as well as mother to two little boys she birthed nearly back to back. She partnered with illustrator Bill Robinson for the book (whose clients include Disney, Universal, Dreamworks, and Fisher Price). The team put together a totally sweet (slightly weird), and very cool book about a bear without ever outright explaining what kegels really are.

I don’t know about y’all, but I would definitely want to read this one night after night (while stifling chuckles the whole time). If you think it’s your cup of tea as well, visit the Kegel Bear’s website and order a copy. Get one for your next pregnant girlfriend, too. We could all use the reminder and the laughs.