Jessica Simpson’s Baby Photos Are Adorably Boring

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Jessica Simpson hasn’t held back from showing off baby Maxwell Drew but the lack of commercial accompaniment isn’t what I’d expect from the Jessica Simpson brand.  It’s been your regular ol’ mommy fare.  Instead of images of baby M being used along side endorsed diapers, we’ve seen candid shots of Max’s baby face on Twitter.  We’ve seen her obligatory newborn on a bed cover shoot.  We’ve seen paparazzi shots of the happy family walking at JFK. And now we have some new ones to add to the list.

Just yesterday, Simpson tweeted these recent pics of Maxwell Drew in celebration of fiance Eric Johnson’s 33rd birthday, I thought “how cute” right before I fell asleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I’m afraid she might have peaked on Katie when Simpson poked fun at the media-mandated post-baby bikini-shot.

When I look at these pictures, I see the big blue eyes and that wide toothless grin but no product plugging in sight.  Baby Max is perfectly dressed in neutral tones from head to toe. Where are the signature Jessica Simpson label leopard shoes?  Where are the Weight Watchers ice cream bars sitting in her lap?  She’s just a super cute baby doing normal baby things.  The thing is, I have one of those at home.  I expect more from you Jessica Simpson!

If Simpson is trying to prove she is “just another mom” with her adorably boring baby pics, she is really hitting it home with her down-to-earth attitude about parenting.

In an interview with iVillage published yesterday, Simpson encourages mothers to put down the books and charts and trust their own intuition.

“I think that as parents, we do a lot of comparing and we don’t really focus on our child in their own individuality. Taking away all the comparisons is a really healthy way to parent — and not focus on the percentiles and all that kind of stuff.  You’re going into it [motherhood] really not knowing what to expect even though there’s books written on it and you can try and get all the information you can. You really don’t know until you have them in your arms and you take them home — what choices and decisions you’re actually going to be faced with every day.”

Jessica Simpson may be turning over a new marketing leaf when it comes to her baby, and that’s commendable. They say motherhood can change a person. I guess motherhood can also change a person’s business incentives too.