Newlyweds Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Are Already Talking Like Old-Fashioned Southern Parents

They aren’t expecting a child yet, but Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are already showing what kind of parents they will be: a recluse couple who disappear from Hollywood to raise lots of good southern children.   Frankly, I expected years of additional entertainment rag fare from these two.

Despite his center-of-attention reputation and penchant for partying until the wee hours of the morning, Justin Timberlake intends to exchange the spotlight for the serenity of marriage and save his activities at sunrise for his future children.   A friend gives us unique insight into the celebrity we have come to know since his Mickey Mouse days, clarifying that “beneath all of the Hollywood nonsense, Justin’s a simple country guy who always wanted a big family.”

After their recent lavish Italian wedding made a splash on all the tabloid covers, I too thought of their future offspring.  In my mind, I expected to see photos of Biel with her Baby Bjorn hiking Los Angeles’ Griffith Park.  I could already envision shots of Timberlake carrying the little one on his shoulders while on a break from filming in Beverly Hills.

According to a source of Ok! magazine the crooner-turned-actor’s vision doesn’t match mine.

”He hates the idea of raising his kids in Los Angeles with all of the paparazzi and constant attention. Plus, Justin thinks the South is the best place in the world to grow up, he wants that for his kids.”

If  you were hoping that his busy actress bride would resist the plan to move out of Los Angeles to Timberlake’s home state of Tennessee, the source encourages you not to hold your breath.

”Jessica agreed to that plan 100 per cent. She’s totally up for a change of scene. She wants a slower pace of life now she’s older. She is super domestic, her favourite hobby is baking but she even knits and does needlepoint.”

Now that she is older?  You mean 30?  I am happy if she enjoys knitting and needlepoint, but surely she doesn’t have to morph into some southern granny in a rocking chair yelling at her whippersnapper children to clean up their breakfast plates before running off to play.  In case she hasn’t noticed, there are plenty of celebrity moms who make it work in the limelight.   She has even said she wants to be – as in actually physically morph into – friend and multiple movie co-star Jennifer Garner and she hasn’t uprooted her family to a paparazzi-less locale nor traded in her movie career for a baker’s hat.

Considering the way Biel gloated to People Magazine about her and Timberlake being the last ones on the dance floor at their own wedding, I expect them to snap out of this “we must change who we are when we become parents” phase and adopt something a little more 2012.

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