Jennifer Aniston Is Already Planning That Slammin’ Post-Baby Body, Alleges Tabloid That Wishes She Was Pregnant

jennifer aniston pregnantLadies, you can never start planning for that post-baby body too early!

Better schedule all that stretch-mark removal and plastic surgery appointments around the first trimester. Take a page from Jennifer Aniston, who OK! magazine is alleging is not only pregnant but seriously planning ahead to be a postpartum bombshell thanks to a slew of procedures. Get those breast augmentations on the books STAT, mommies!

Gossip Cop reports that OK!‘s completely fictitious rundown of Jennifer Aniston’s post-baby revamping is rooted in how Jennifer is ”not going to let motherhood stop her from staying sexy!” And of course the only way to do that is to rack up a completely false receipt of post-baby body essentials. Such as $7,000 laser treatments, $500,000 personal training and yoga instruction, $40,000 for a nutritionist, according to OK!:

”With all the personal training she’ll do, along with stretch-mark removal, plastic surgery procedures, beauty treatments and style makeovers, she can easily rack up a million dollars getting back into shape,” a so-called ”insider” tells the tabloid.

Gossip Cop confirms that Jennifer Aniston is not expecting a baby, twins, triplets, or little aliens, despite the “OK!’s campaign to impregnate the actress.” But hey, even if Jen isn’t expecting, it’s never ever to early for a lady to start planning for that slamming post-baby body, right? I’m surprised OK! didn’t run “Unpregnant Jennifer Aniston Planning For Her Post-Baby Body!” They can run that, right?

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