Hey Tabloids, Jennifer Aniston Is Making Fun Of All Your Fake Pregnancy Rumors

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Jennifer AnistonI can not imagine how odd it is to see magazines covers screaming about your pregnancy every week for years. Especially when you aren’t actually pregnant. Honestly, think of standing in the supermarket and buying a bottle of wine while a rack of mags announce that you’re with child. Talk about awkward. And yet, I suppose that Jennifer Aniston has gotten accustomed to the experience. After all, it seems like some rag or another is talking about her imaginary baby bump at least once a month.

That’s why this viral video promoting Smart Water is so hilarious. With the help of Jimmy Kimmel and Ryan Seacrest, Aniston mocks all of the ridiculous tabloid rumors that have plagued the actress for years.

[youtube_iframe id=”phpb_ssnyug”]

The media has always been obsessed with the idea of Jennifer Aniston having a baby. It’s been like a creepy and inappropriate kind of pity wish by the viewing public. Here at Mommyish we’ve never understand the inclination to constantly feel bad for the poor “sad sack.” Then, she got engaged to Justin Theroux and we knew that the pregnancy rumors would only intensify. I mean, who gets married just for the fun of it anymore? The two must be expecting, right?

Yes, this is the world that Aniston exists in. It’s a world where tabloids are completely unafraid of printing unfounded lies. It’s where making misleading headlines that aren’t technically illegal is considered an art form. And that world deserves to be made fun of. I especially love the inclusion of an alien baby, just to drive home how absurd so many of the rumors are.

During the whole Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie controversy, I was never really one to pick teams. Call me crazy, but setting two women against each other in a contest for a man’s affection felt inappropriate to me. That and ya know, it was a personal issue. But when it comes to a woman versus the tabloid culture that constantly spreads false stories about her, I’m definitely Team Aniston.

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