Watching These Jay Z Samsung Ads Is Solidifying Hova As The Cuddliest Rapper Of All Time

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Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.09.22 AMUGH, have you guys seen these promos for the new Jay Z album Magna Carta Holy Grail that will be released early to Samsung owners on July 4? They are totally killing me. We all assume that Hova is a good daddy and yeah yeah yeah these ads are being used to sell a cell phone but come on… they are sooooo amaze. I am not totally sure, but I think these spots have made me pregnant or at least made me want to totally have a baby or at the very least give Jay Z a big hug and swap parenting tips with him because I totally almost start crying watching these. Jay Z is just like us he has paranoia over not being a good parent!
[youtube_iframe id=”71X06QMGqK0″]

And Rick Rubin is just chillin’ on the sofa and throwing some “yeah yeahs” his way, OMG get off the sofa and hug him Rick, what are you thinking?

And he talks about Blue more here and compares hell to missing your daughter for three minutes and WHY OH WHY IS BLUE IVY MISSING FOR THREE MINUTES? I am sure she isn’t missing Jay, just look for one of the nannies I am sure she is with the nanny or Beyonce!
[youtube_iframe id=”IXk4UDUUXFg”]
It’s all so cute! Who are these ads being marketed to because it sure isn’t the average 17-year-old hip hop fan. I think this album is for the moms! I bet Kanye is totally freaking out because Jay has handled this fatherhood thing so awesomely what with the classy baby pictures of Instagram and the keeping Blue out of the tabloids for the most part and being all classy with the art directed heart-pulling cell phone ads. How can Kanye outdo this? Will he also release an album for MOMS? I need to know! But all I know now is that Jay Z needs us because he is all sad and he didn’t have a dad and he is the cuddliest rapper ever!

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