Pick Up A Kindle For Your Kid On Your Next Toys R Us Run

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If you are anything like my parents, than impromptu visits to Toys R Us are strictly verboten. Regardless of your kid’s age, it seems impossible to take them down the aisles without their eyes fixating on something that they cannot live without. But the next time you hit up the mega toy store, be sure to steer your little one down the aisle with all the Kindles, as Toys R Us will start carrying the e-readers beginning July 31st.

Reuters also reports on a special gift card as well:

Toys R Us plans to give a free $10 Toys R Us gift card to shoppers buying the popular e-reader at its stores from July 31 through August 6, while supplies last, the company said on Wednesday.

Considering all the plastic, poorly-made toys and dollies that Toys R Us houses, dropping a 100 or so dollars on an e-reader sounds like a much smarter investment. Putting that money into something that they’ll undoubtedly have longer than a Barbie doll and that promotes reading seems like the best Toys R Us purchase any parents could make. They’re definitely cheaper than iPads, and could also make for a lovely back to school item. And if your little ones insists on all the cute accessories and Kindle covers, Toys R Us promises to have those too.