In Continuing Court Drama, Leighton Meester Presses For Custody Of Her Brother

Leighton Meester’s week is getting a little more hectic. On Monday, we talked about her legal drama with her mother, Constance. Apparently, Leighton was sending her mother $7500 a month to help with the care of her younger brother. When the starlet realized that her mother spent the money on Botox and plastic surgery, she filed a lawsuit. Now, the situation is getting even more heated.

First, Constance filed her own lawsuit. The mother claims that her daughter made a verbal agreement to pay her $10,000 a month for the rest of her life. By the way, I promised to live in my parents’ basement and vacuum the house every week for the rest of my life when I was a kid. Thankfully, my parents aren’t suing for a lifetime of cleaning services. But back to Blair Waldorf. In another move sure to put Constance in line for a Mommy Of The Year Award, she claims that her daughter owes her money because she paid for Leighton’s education and acting classes. I had no idea that I could claim repayment for these horseback riding lessons, but I’ll keep that in mind.

Forgive all the snark, I just find this woman’s behavior too repulsive to address it seriously without losing my temper.

Well, Leighton Meester has responded to her mother’s counter-suit by upping the ante. Meester is petitioning for custody of her younger brother, Lex. She’s asking the court to move her brother from her mother’s California home to her place in New York City. Lex has serious medical issues, with which Leighton’s money was supposed to be helping. It’s a big step to go from financially supporting your family to taking care of your brother, even if he is a teenager already. Obviously, Meester knows that her brother needs a more stable presence from his sister.

I admire Leighton Meester and her determination to take care of her younger brother. In a sea of irresponsible and out-of-control Hollywood actresses, this young woman is showing  courage and strength. She’s caring for her younger brother. She’s the type of woman that deserves to be a role model. Once again, I wish both Leighton and her brother the very best of luck in their ongoing court drama.

(Photo: LIFE)

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