10 Worse Places To Celebrate Your 20th Wedding Anniversary Than The Presidential Debates

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So, last night President Obama and Mitt Romney squared off about the economy, healthcare, and the role of government. It was the first meeting for the two candidates in what seems like an already endless campaign season. And we at Mommyish were trying to pay attention, even though moderator Jim Lehrer didn’t exactly help keep the event running smoothly, or with any direction whatsoever. But we have to admit, something happened at the very beginning of the debate that distracted us for the rest of the night. We spent the entire thing feeling sorry for Michelle Obama, sitting in the audience, having the worst 20th wedding anniversary we could imagine.

I think everyone can agree that the mention of Obama’s anniversary in the opening to the debate felt a little awkward. Even better, Romney congratulated the couple. It was a kind thing to do, it just felt more than a little out of place in the setting. Although hey, good on him for remembering his manners!

Yup, instead of really paying attention to the candidates opinions of Dodd Frank and the national debt, we sat around thinking if there was anything worse than celebrating an anniversary at the Presidential Debates. Amazingly, we could think of just a few. Here are the very worst of all anniversary settings.