17 Ways To Prevent The ‘Mommy Pooch’ While Still Pregnant

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mommy pooch

Image: iStock / kjekol

Growing babies is hard work! The chances are good that nearly every woman struggles with self-image during pregnancy, some more so than others. A good many women gain more weight than they’d hoped, and all too many of us struggle to lose that weight after finally giving birth. And what’s worse is that even when you start getting close to your pre-baby weight, sometimes you discover that you’re still a long ways from your pre-baby body. Case in point: the dreaded “mom pooch.”

Officially, the main cause of that poochy belly we all hate is usually Diastasis Recti. DA is a medical condition where your two ab muscles actually split apart during pregnancy. It’s caused by pressure on the ab wall—from, you know, growing a baby! For other women, that pooch is just a deposit of stubborn belly fat which we only wish we could spot train away. But if you’re expecting, what you really want to know is: Can I prevent it? The answer? Possibly!

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