How Long Before The Press Starts Critiquing Suri Cruise’s Body?

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Five-year-old Suri Cruise has already been deemed a little fashion icon by the press as her extensive wardrobe and costly shoe collection continue to garner attention. Mother Katie Holmes has spoken openly about her daughter’s sense of fashion and there are countless images of the demure brunette walking around in little high heels. In addition to her penchant for purses, Suri was also snapped recently wearing red lipstick which has invited even more criticism regarding her appearance.

But I pose the question: how much longer before those zoomed in shots and big red circles are around her body as opposed to her accessories?

As I’ve written in the past, allowing the press to relentlessly study a child is problematic for a multitude of reasons. But given how quickly Suri has accelerated into the public eye, I wonder at what point the press will feel entitled to comment on her figure. She’s only five years old but will the tabloids wait another five before commenting on “how thin she looks,” or even worse — “how not thin she looks?”

The media already has an insatiable fixation with women’s bodies. From adolescence through pregnancy, it seems that no woman in the spotlight can wear a loose-fitting dress or order a salad without speculation regarding her weight. And younger and younger girls are proving to be no exception. Thirteen-year-old Ariel Winter is may not be pregnant, but when she arrived at the Emmys in a “mature” gown, magazines showed no restraint in discussing her developed body.

It’s horrible to consider that before she even hits puberty, little Suri could have to be shielded from magazine covers posing whether or not she has an eating disorder.

Even if her parents did “invite” this sort of attention beginning with her initial debut in Vanity Fair or their continued manipulation of her in the press, the relentless study of girls and their figures is still inappropriate and potentially detrimental to their development.

But perhaps I assume too much about young Suri. Maybe these are concerns that came and went with her toddler years.