Heidi Klum Is Banging Her Bodyguard In Her Own Mommy Rendition Of ‘The Bodyguard’

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Heidi Klum has officially found love again after splitting with husband Seal and she’s just itching to talk about her new somebody. But he’s far from a new guy she managed to entice on Martin Kirsten has been the family’s bodyguard for some time now and the mother of four is pretty forthcoming on what her new boyfriend’s appeal is.

People magazine reports that Heidi just put it all out there for a German magazine when she said her kids adore mommy’s new love interest:

“They like him very much,” she says. “This is also one reason why I’m so fond of him. He’s been helping me for four years now. And he takes wonderful care of the kids. He plays with them, he protects them. I trust him.”

But it isn’t just a platonic “trust” Heidi and Martin are sharing. Heidi reportedly tells the same publication that she is in love — a secret that she has been sitting on for awhile because Martin doesn’t like the “spotlight.” But now that everything is out in the open, she won’t be paying any mind to those smacking tongues either:

 “There will always be people who will criticize whoever I live with, what kind of clothes I wear or what hairstyle I have. At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. That’s the rule I live by.”

Even if that includes dating “the help,” confirming the allegations expressed by ex-husband Seal not too long ago. Hope your whole sexy The Bodyguard plot works out for you and the kiddies, Heidi.

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