Your Childhood Is Being Recalled Due To A Salmonella Risk

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nesquikA product is being recalled that I haven’t thought about since I was below the double-digit mark. In fact, I had to do a double take at the idea that this childhood staple was still on the market. For anyone who is still purchasing Nesquik Chocolate Powder, you might want to check your cupboards and make sure that your little dose of 90’s nostalgia hasn’t been recalled.

The recall stems from a supplier, possibly a chalk manufacturer, who informed Nestle that they have discovered a Salmonella risk. So far, there have been no reported cases of illness. The possibly affected Nesquik was produced during early October, 2012. That means that if you’ve been holding on to your Nesquik in the back of your cupboard for over a year, you still should throw it out, but it doesn’t have Salmonella.

Once you’ve gotten rid of any possibly tainted chocolate milk powder, how about we all sit down and have a talk about Big Kid Chocolate Milk. There’s no chalk required. You actually just dump a little Hershey’s chocolate syrup into your milk and stir it up. You can control just how rich you want it to be. It’s a really great part of growing up, being able to drink Big Kid Chocolate Milk.

Honestly, Nesquik is one of those products that seems so outdated in today’s market. Moms feel guilty for a trip to McDonald’s. We’re growing our own gardens and stressing fruits and veggies like it’s nobody’s business. Why would we buy powdered chocolate concentrate to make our children’s only nutritious drink just a little less nutritious? I was terrified of the day that my daughter got to school and realized that milk has flavors and she doesn’t have to get plain white milk for every meal.

Nesquik is not a product for today’s time! It’s a pre-obesity epidemic kind of treat. It’s the kind of thing you drank after your mom told you to go play outside for hours on end without any supervision or idea of what you were doing. Nesquik is what you had sitting as close to the television as possible during Saturday morning cartoons.

It’s time to say goodbye to Nesquik. Oh, and it might give you Salmonella.

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