My Sister-In-Law Isn’t Taking Any Of My Halloween Themed Baby Names For Girls

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shutterstock_154880498 (1)My sister-in-law is pregnant with my first niece, and though her due date is November 1, I’m thinking it’s going to happen on October 31 (second babies are always early, but never as early as you hope). She and my brother have absolutely no clue what they want to name this baby, so I am really pushing the Halloween theme names.  The best part of Halloween (besides the candy, and I’m not even going there), is the scary movies. I see these suggestions as homage to a great genre, rather than spooky or evil. You don’t have to be goth, weird or wicked to like these horror movie Halloween themed baby names for girls.

Regan from the Exorcist.  One of my all-time favorites, this movie is full of good name inspiration.  Regan is increasingly popular these days.  Sure, it’s probably because of Christina Applegate’s character on the defunct sitcom “Up All Night” rather than the little girl in the Exorcist, but it’s a great name either way.  Other great options from that movie include Blair (for Linda Blair, who played the child), Mercedes (the actual voice of the demon) or Winn (after Kitty Winn or like Jimmy Fallon).

Naomi from The Ring.  The Ring has some of my favorite names of all time.  Noah, Aidan and Rachel were the main characters and comprised my top baby names through the 2000s.  Naomi, as in Naomi Watts, who played the lead was a great character — a tough single mom willing to do anything to save her child, as well as a kick-ass investigative reporter.  It’s a solid choice in any light.  Some other names that are just as great (even if their characters weren’t): Samara, Anna or Morgan.

Piper from (the original) Carrie.  We watched this movie every prom season in high school, not looking for ideas or anything, but probably just to relieve some of the pressure of that one stupid dance.  “It can’t be as bad as that!” we’d thought.  Between the current remake and the 1976 original, there are a ton of great name options.  Piper was the name of the actor who played the original mother in Carrie, the role reprised by Julianne Moore, another pretty moniker.  Of course the lead in the current movie offers lots of gems — Chloe, Grace, and what’s wrong with Carrie?

Liv from The Strangers.  This movie scared the crap out of me for days.  Is there anything worse than being stalked in your home?  By random relentless crazy people?  Awful.  Good for my future niece there were a few great-named actors in this movie like Liv Tyler.  Another great option? Gemma. Sure, she was the uber-creepy dollface character but otherwise it’s a very sweet name.

Sidney from Scream.  I still wish we had named our daughter Sidney, except for the fact that she doesn’t look like a Sidney in my mind.  It’s a great name.  Of course I also like Neve, as in Neve Campbell, who played Sidney.  Or Rose who played Tatum – both cute choices.  Unlike the movies, none of those names are played out. The original was the only one of the four that should have been made. That franchise cheapens what was a brilliant scary movie.

My sister-in-law isn’t going for any of my suggestions, but I’m telling her — there’s a wealth of options in those Halloween horror flicks.

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