Golden Girls Action Figures Are Here to Comfort and Eat Cheesecake With You

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If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the best gift would be from me, and it would be these four Golden Girls action figures that were just debuted at New York Comic Con.

According to Time, the new Golden Girls action figure set is from Funko, where they were originally created as a sort of fun passion project, but nobody expected people to go completely crazy for them. But that’s what has happened, because everyone loves The Golden Girls. Betty White is a treasure.

”The response to our ”˜Golden Girls’ products has been wild,” director of marketing Mark Robben said to ABC News. ”We almost weren’t prepared for the excitement. We created these as a passion project initially, and were blown away when it started trending on social media.”

The Golden Girls action figures were available at New York Comic Con, and they’re also listed on the Target website for $24.99, but they don’t appear to be in stock yet. Hopefully that will be rectified soon, because every cubicle in America needs these on display.

The girls come as a set of four, because obviously you can’t split up the Golden Girls. I mean, I kind of want a Rue McClanahan doll. But as soon as I start thinking about that, I start thinking, “But I’d really like an Estelle Getty doll, too. And if I’m any of the Golden Girls, I’m probably a Dorothy. And you can’t not want a Betty White action figure!”

Basically it’s like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, except that in the end I really need all four Golden Girls, because I can’t choose just one.

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