Men in Fake Pregnant Bellies Campaign to Get Subway Riders to Give up Their Seats

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Most public transport riders who have been pregnant in a city know the intense annoyance and fatigue that comes with being massively pregnant and squashed in a car full of people while a person in a “priority” seat pretends to be so engrossed in their phone that they don’t notice you.

Even Olivia Wilde, who is an actual movie star, got ignored while riding the subway while 8 months pregnant.


But if stunningly beautiful, obviously pregnant movie stars can’t get people’s attention on the subway, who can? Men can, apparently, and now according to Shanghaiist, a group of fathers-to-be in Chengdu, China, have launched a campaign to convince people to give up their seats for pregnant women, and they’re doing it by wearing big fake pregnant bellies themselves.

It certainly is an eye-catching promotion. One pregnant woman might be easily ignored, but when four guys get on the train in fake pregnant bellies and white shirts telling people to make room for pregnant women, it’s a little tougher to pretend you’re just really into your Candy Crush game.

The dudes say that they felt compelled to do this because they’re all married to pregnant women right now, and they’ve been disillusioned by the way people refuse to make room for them.

It’s unclear if this will actually change anyone’s minds or result in a net increase in seats being given to pregnant women. It’s a nice gesture, though. It’s just too bad that it takes dudes in fake bellies to get people’s attention, when actual pregnant women get left standing