I Wish I Were As Cool As This ‘Gangnam Style’ Mom And Son

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The people at The Ellen DeGeneres Show have an amazing ability to weed through the bowels of YouTube and find the most awesome acts to pull onto the national stage. First, Ellen has a recurring segment with Sophia and Grace, the internet sensations who started off singing Super Bass and now get to have tea with the likes of Reese Witherspoon. Now, they’ve dove head-first into “Gangnam Style” sensation Psy.

Ellen hasn’t just shown a video clip and giggled like other daytime shows. Oh no! Ellen highlighted the Gangnam work-out, which sounds completely awesome. And, they’ve extended the prestige beyond Psy himself to feature these totally amazing Gangnum style mother and son duo. Honestly, you’re going to love this. I promise.

[youtube_iframe id=”rr5Z0SHBNvo”]

Mike and Laura Song are both at least ten times cooler than I am. Even better, this whole thing was the mother’s idea!

I’m a young mom. I always kind of assumed that it would give me a leg up when it comes to being at least a semi-cool mother who understands trends and pop culture. I kept thinking that I would understand my daughter when other mothers were confused with the references and misunderstood the slang.

Guys, I barely knew what Gangnam style was. I definitely wouldn’t have had the cojones to tape myself doing such moves and post it to YouTube. I still have no idea who The Wanted are and I couldn’t name a single band member of One Direction. I’m completely uninterested in Justin Bieber‘s mom. I’m not a cool mother at all!

I guess I’ll just have to accept that being a hip mother has nothing to do with age. Laura Song has proven it. She is almost undoubtedly older than I am and she is infinitely cooler. I’m going to console myself by watching her be awesome a couple more times.