85% Of Mommyish Readers Think That Parents Snubbed By Beyonce Should Pursue Legal Action

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Beyonce and Jay-ZCall us “sue happy” if you like, but the cast majority of the Mommyish readership finds Lenox Hill Hospital to be fundamentally in the wrong for kowtowing to Beyonce’s private security team. There may be breeches in security for allowing her team to cover up security cameras intended to keep an eye on the newborns of others. But 85.5% of our mommies think that the parents who were prevented from being with their babies due to Blue Ivy‘s arrival should pursue legal action, particularly the father of twins who was told he couldn’t visit the NICU.

Beyonce baby hospitalOne Mommyish commentator by the name of Gayle writes, ” Man…if my children were in ICU and I couldn’t get to them because the hospital ‘sold out’ on it’s integrity to these selfish jerks, I would sue for way more than the 1.3 million. ”

Andrea, another reader, also commented, “SHAME on the hospital for bowing to their money and preventing any parent and relative from visiting their bundles of joy! This father’s twins were just as important and deserving of privacy and joy…”

And Emily poignantly adds, “While I am sure that their day-to-day existence is quite different than mine, I am equally sure that some experiences transcend fame or economics – chiefly among them, the beginning of life.”

It should also be noted that these poll results were collected before we reported that the State Health Department was launching an investigation into Lenox Hill Hospital following the filing of two complaints.

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