Gallery: Old-School Recess Games To Teach Your Kids

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Everywhere we turn, parents are beginning to focus on the importance of play in their children’s lives. I think this is wonderful! The New York Times is reporting on a new project that launches “Pop-Up Play Streets” the way chefs might launch a pop-up restaurant. It allows community organizers a chance to experiment with different types of games, equipment and activities for children and families to get involved in. Then, it can rate the success of these programs and pass the information along to community leaders. All in all, it sounds like a wonderful program to  help get inner-city kids active and energized.

Then, MSNBC posted a piece about the need for recess in our schools. The classic children’s playtime has been cut in many schools due to the focus on test scores and studies. But districts don’t realize that they may be hindering their scores, instead of helping. Recess and playtime is an important part of children’s learning processes. And many kids need that active time to better focus for their afternoon lessons. Studies all seem to be showing that kids need unstructured playtime.

So to celebrate what will hopefully become a return to recess, here are some of my old playground stand-bys. There’s a whole lot of equipment in parks and schoolyards these days, but I used to do just fine with a rubber ball or some string. What are your favorite classic recess games to share with your kids? Let me know if I missed anything!

(Photo: Disney Pictures)